Imagine, your home’s kitchen and baths transformed by elegant polished natural stone or by exciting custom details such as marble baseboards or a granite mantle. At Classic Stone, Marble & Granite we turn imagination into exquisite reality.

With our extensive inventory, talented

 designers, skilled craftsmen, and our state-of-the-art computerized contouring system, we can help you select the perfect stone, edging, and finish to fit your unique situation.

 We give you more innovative finishes, design options and products to choose from. And each one of our products is hand-crafted resulting in a durable hand-polished finish of unrivaled beauty. Most importantly, every

Lime stone, Granite and Marble

 Most importantly, every custom product for your home is expertly installed and fitted to exact specification


Nothing says elegance like a kitchen countertop in natural stone from Classic Stone, Marble & Granite Inc. The most durable, stain resistant, scratch and heat resistant product on the market today. Nothing can compare to the beauty of a granite countertop.

Lime Stone

Some limestones are very soft and porous, not suitable for use as a floor tile, while others are extremely hard and dense, and can be used on heavy traffic commercial floors. Our stone experts have the knowledge to suggest the proper stones for your particular needs.


Our collection of marble tiles and slabs range from the classic old world beauties to unique, recently unearthed varieties. You can rely on Classic Stone, marble & Granite for top quality stone, reliable information from stone experts, and consistently responsive service.

Why Classic Stone and Marble?

We specialize in granite products and installations throughout the Metro Detroit area. We provide expert advice and we work very hard so that you might pass on our name because we provided you with a wonderful product, excellent service and a great price.

What You'll receive

Care and Maintenance

Use mild dish soap and water along with a soft sponge or micro-fiber cloth. Wring out access water, as
granite/marble can be stained by standing water, and wipe the entire surface. To prevent water damage and
streaking, dry your tops with paper towel or a soft cloth.