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Stone Counter Tops & Floors

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Granite and marble counter tops and floors are among the most beautiful and durable surfaces on the market. With a little care and TLC, your counter tops and floors will stay beautiful forever.


Precautionary Maintenance:

In order to prevent staining, scratching or etching, follow these few simple steps.

  • Frequently clean the floor with a dust mop to eliminate dirt and the potential for scratching the surface.
  • Always use coasters under any type of glass beverage. Citric acids, alcohol and other substances may potentially etch or dull the surface of the stone.
  • Keep household chemicals away from calcium-based stones, such as marble. Some chemicals will remove the polish when in contact with the stone.
Regular Cleaning Procedures and Maintenance Recommendations

Stone Floor Surfaces:

  • A regularly maintained floor yields a beautiful floor. Frequently use a dust mop to collect dirt, dust and other abrasive substances that might potentially scratch the flooring surface.
  • Non-slip mats and rugs on adjacent outdoor floors help to contain gritty materials that might otherwise scratch the floor surface.
  • To clean the floor, use a neutral cleaning agent or mild detergent that is diluted in warm water. Cleaning products specifically for stone may be found at hardware or tile and stone supply stores. Carefully follow the directions on the cleaning agent's package.
  • Using a clean mop or rag, gently apply the agent on the surface. Do not use too much solution or soap on the floor, as applying too much cleaning solution will leave the floor with a film and streaks. For commercial areas, use a red pad under a floor machine to scrub the floor. Pick up the excess solution with a wet vacuum and rinse the floor. A shining or polishing agent may be applied with a mop to make the surface more glossy.
  • Thoroughly rinse the surface of any soap or solution residue and dry with a cloth.Never use citric acid based products on marble or limestone. Never use scouring powders or other abrasive agents as they may scratch the surface.

Stone Counter Surfaces:

The regimen for cleaning stone floors may also be used to clean stone counter tops. However, some stone counter tops may need to be sealed with a penetrating sealer. The application of a sealer decreases the risk of staining and discoloration. Over time, the sealer will need to be reapplied in order to maintain its effectiveness.

Penetrating sealers may be found at hardware and tile supply stores. Marble wax or a non-yellowing car wax may also be used to minimize water spotting. It is very important to use a non-toxic sealer if it is to be applied to a food preparation area.

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