Edge gallery

Looking at a draft of an edge profile is hard to say how the edge will look on the countertop. Our demo application solves this problem. Please click on the link above to view stunning 3D edges provided by Classic Stone, Marble & Granite Inc.. You will be able to rotate them to different sides and can apply stone colors to edges to find the best solution.


Select and Edge Style

Choosing an edge style is based on 3 different principals:

Certain edge treatments are easier to clean than others based on creasing and curvature. Very elaborate edges would take a little more maintenance than the less complex ones.

Depending on how much you’re willing to spend on an edge is also a contributor to choosing a style. Some edge treatments range higher in price than others based upon the time and labor it takes to profile the edge.

If its style you’re seeking than the best choice to go with would be what is most flattering to the overall appearance of the countertop and its surrounding area. This would basically be the one that you find to be most appealing.

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